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Advair was this expesive before the health care act, it hasnt changed in years, this medication is not covered under insurance as a tier 1.

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Information about Advair.

Advai has not bn wll studid in pgnant bastding womn. 3,4 Littl is known about whth this mdication passs intbast milk. Talk tyou doctabout i you bcom pgnant wish tbastd whil taking Advai.

Advai inhalation is a combination mdicin usd tpvnt asthma attacks. It is alsusd tpvnt la-ups wosning chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD) associatd withchonic bonchitis and/mphysma.

Inhald luticason blongs tth amily mdicins known as coticostoids stoids (cotison-lik mdicins). It woks by pvnting ctain clls in th lungs and bathing passags om lasing substancs that caus asthma symptoms.

Th is ngnic altnativ tAdvai. Th twmdications in Advai a availabl spaatly. luticason popionat is maktd as lovnt. Salmtol is maktd as Svnt. Nith is availabl in gnic om ttat asthma.

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