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New sk lesions might develop throughout treatment with aldara cream.

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Nintaction studis hav bn pomd. This includs studis with immunosuppssiv dugs. Intactions with systmic dugs would b limitd by th minimal pcutanous absoption imiquimod cam.

This mdication is usd ttat ctain typs gowths on th skin. Ths a pcancous gowths (actinic katoss), a ctain typ skin canc (supicial basal cll cacinoma), and wats on th outsid th gnitals/anus. Tating ths conditions can dcas complications om thm. Imiquimod blongs ta goup dugs calld immun spons modiis. It is blivd twok by hlping tactivat you immun systm tight ths abnomal skin gowths.

A two-ya mous cacinognicity study by dmal administation on th days a wk did not induc tumous at th application sit. Howv, th incidncs hpatocllula tumous among tatd animals w gat than thos contols. Th mchanism this is not known, but as imiquimod has low systmic absoption om human skin, and is not mutagnic, any isk thumans om systmic xposu is likly tb low. uthmo, tumous w not sn atany sit in a 2-ya oal cacinognicity study in ats.

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aldara cream shortened the time to skin tumor formation in an animal photococarcinogenicity study see nonclinical toxicology 13.

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