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Th CYP3A4 and CYP1A2 isozyms mtabolis amitiptylin ta lss xtnt. Howv, luvoxamin (stong CYP1A2 inhibito) was shown tincas amitiptylin plasma concntations and this combination should b avoidd. Clinically lvant intactions may b xpctd with concomitant us amitiptylin and stong CYP3A4 inhibitos such as ktoconazol, itaconazol and itonavi.

Clos supvision patints and in paticula thos at high isk should accompany dug thapy spcially in aly tatmnt and ollowing dos changs. Patints (and cagivs patints) should b altd about th nd tmonitany clinical wosning, suicidal bhaviou thoughts and unusual changs in bhaviou and tsk mdical advic immdiatly i ths symptoms psnt.

In th past, whn it was usd dpssion, many womn took amitiptylin in pgnancy bcaus thi dpssion symptoms w sv. W thhav a lot inomation on this mdication in pgnancy. Th isk tth baby is vy small, spcially as th doss w us pain a much low than thos usd in th past. Howv, w commnd that you stop this mdication i you a tying tgt pgnant sthat th is nisk tth baby at all. W alscommnd that you us contacption whil on amitiptylin i you a sxually activ.

Suicidal thoughts and bhavious may alsdvlop duing aly tatmnt with antidpssants disods oth than dpssion; th sam pcautions obsvd whn tating patints with dpssion should thb ollowd whn tating patints with nusis.

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common version of amitriptyline is around 4.

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