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Us th missd dos as soon as you mmb. Skip th missd dos i it is almost tim you nxt schduld dos. Dnot us xta mdicin tmak up th missd dos.

Th toxicity ipatopium bomid has bn invstigatd xtnsivly in th ollowing typs studis: acut, subchonic and chonic toxicity, cacinognicity, poductiv toxicity and mutagnicity via oal, intavnous, subcutanous, intanasal and/inhalation outs. Basd on ths toxicity studis, th pobability systmic anticholingic sid cts dcass in th ollowing od:

Us Atovnt HA xactly as pscibd by you docto. ollow all dictions on you psciption labl. Dnot us this mdicin in lag small amounts long than commndd.

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