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Bigg Boss Tamil spawned several heated debates across the sate

10. Rihanna: Whether she tweeting racy self portraits or re embracing Chris Brown, the ex boyfriend who savagely attacked her in 2009, Rihanna had tongues wagging about much more than just her music in 2012. Yet judging by her popularity (singles We Found Love and Diamonds were enormous hits) this controversial off stage behaviour hasn diminished the public appetite for all things RiRi.

Cheap Jerseys from china Oviya was nominated by the housemates for eviction in the first week itself. However, she was saved cheap jerseys, thanks to the Tamil people. Bigg Boss Tamil spawned several heated debates across the sate when a contestant Gayathri Raghuram, a member of the BJP, took potshots at Oviya and accused her of ‘cherri behaviour’. Cheap Jerseys from china

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