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Aeronautical charts are important for aircraft navigation because it helps pilots ascertain the best route to a destination, find an alternative safe landing zone or determine the position of an airplane. These charts serve as maps for aircrafts in the same way as nautical charts are used for watercraft. Aeronautical charts provide useful information including key visual details on airspace boundaries and radio frequencies.

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The new EU listing process is part of the EU’s campaign to clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance and promote fairer taxation, within the EU and globally. It was proposed by the Commission in the External Strategy for Effective Taxation in January 2016, and endorsed by EU Finance Ministers in May. The European Parliament has also repeatedly expressed support for an EU listing process..

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Focusing particularly on an art teacher education requirements, one needs to address the possibilities of looking at all career choices in the art education field, such as an elementary school art teacher. There are other choices, such as high school or secondary school art teacher careers as well. Depending on who the teacher teaches towards, an art teacher career description includes an education in at least a bachelor degree in an art field.

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