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But the most telling sign is that Romney decided to fire this

Pitchers and A League of Her Own: The “2018: Thank U, Next” party is spread across all four floors of this Adams Morgan gay and lesbian bar, with DJ Electrox on the main dance floor. Admission is free, but the A League of Her Own bar will be collecting money for the TAGG Scholarship Fund, which assists LGBTQ students. Make a donation and get a free glass of champagne at midnight.

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The Nats traded right handed starter Tanner Roark and replaced him with free agent Anibal Sanchez, 34, who made 24starts in 2018 with a 2.83 ERA after being dismal the previous three years. I would have kept the workhorse Roark, not the less durable Sanchez, who is now on the books for $19million over two years. If it works, it could be a rotation full of sizzle with 2020 covered, too.

Canada Goose Online Louis Police Officers Association is one of the most aggressive police unions in the country. Its figurehead (though he no longer officially leads the organizations) is, Jeff Roorda, a former cop who was once fired for making false statements and filing a false report. Roorda is also a former state legislator, where he sponsored bills such as one that would have forbid anyone from publicizing the name of any police officer involved in a shooting unless that officer was charged with a crime. Canada Goose Online

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