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But yeah, coming at them head on is dumb

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Hermes Kelly Replica Every Star Wars land battle seems to look like a Civil https://www.designerhermesreplica.com War engagement but with energy weapons.The AT ATs weren totally defenseless from the side; they were escorted by AT STs, and there that implies they not quite as fixed forward as they appear. But yeah, coming at them head on is dumb. My best guess is that they were worried that looping around would cost them too much time; there was never any question of stopping the Imperial attack, only delaying it until they could finish evacuating replica hermes watch strap Echo Base, so getting stuck in fast and distracting the AT ATs may have been considered more important than a sound tactical approach.But in the end, yeah, Star Wars has a lot of plot holes if you look at it closely Hermes Kelly Replica.

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