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Aleve naprohen berada dalam kelompok obat yang disebut obat anti-inflammatory drugs nsaid .

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Information about Aleve.

Napoxn can pass intbast milk and may caus sid cts in th nusing baby. You should not bast-d whil using this mdicin.

Although Alv can bing li, it can alscaus sid cts. Som ths sid cts can happn just om shot-tm us. Long-tm us Alv can alscaus oth sid cts. Som popl a at gat isk Alv sid cts bcaus ctain mdical conditions that thy hav.

Alv is usd ttmpoaily liv minachs and pains du tathitis, muscula achs, backach, mnstual camps, hadach, toothach,and th common cold. Alv is alsusd ttmpoaily duc v.

Clbx, band nam clcoxib, is a nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID) usd th tatmnt athitis, pain, mnstual camps, and colon polyps. Postaglandins a chmicals that contibut tathitis pain, v, swlling, and tndnss causd by inlammation. Clbx blocks th nzym that maks postaglandins (cyclooxygnas 2), which sults in low concntations postaglandins. Consquntly, inlammation, pain, v, swlling, and tndnss a ducd. Clbx is dint om oth NSAIDs in that it causs lss inlammation, and stomach and intstinal ulcs (at last with shot-tm us), and dos not int with blood clotting.

Ask you doctbtaking any oth mdication pain, athitis, v, swlling. Many mdicins availabl ov th count contain aspiin, salicylats, oth mdicins simila tnapoxn (such as ibupon ktopon). Taking ctain poducts togth can caus you tgt tomuch this typ mdication.

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