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Exposure auc to bupropion was equivalent for both formulations.

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Information about Bupropion.

Some patients who stopped smoking reported to have experienced symptoms of nicotine withdrawalincluding depressed mooddepressionrarely including suicidal ideationreported in smokers undergoing a smoking cessation attempt without medicationhoweversome of these adverse events occurred in patients taking bupropion who continued to smoke.

Generic Namebupropionbyoo PRO pee onBrand NamesAplenzinBuprobanForfivo XLWellbutrin SRWellbutrin XLZybanZyban Advantage PackBudeprion XL.

You may have a higher risk of seizures if you use certain other medicines while taking bupropion.

Bupropion is used to treat the symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorderSADWith SADpeople have episodes of depression that occur in the fall and winter.

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the use of bupropion within 14 days of discontinuing treatment with an maoi is also contraindicated.

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