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Information about Geriforte.

Two Himalaya Geriforte tablets 2 times dailyfollowed by 1 tablet 2 times a daypreferably with meals.

Himalaya Geriforte is a completely natural productregulates and balances all the organs and systems to comprehensive maintenance of good healthHimalaya Geriforte product helps to control the daily stress without any side effectsGeriforte also provides a variety of vitaminsand mineralsincluding vitamin C from natural sourcesGeriforte has strong antioxidant propertieswhich are the key to calming the body and improve the efficiency of its hormonesGeriforte reveals a wide range of health benefits documented sizeable scope of clinical trials.

Please consult your physician to prescribe the Geriforte dosage that best suits the condition.

Enhances immunityAs an immunomodulatorGeriforte stimulates the immune system to respond against disease causing microorganisms.

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