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Tatognic tcts: Catgoy B: poduction studis in animals hav vald nvidnc impaid tility ham tth tus du tpnicillin. Th a, howv, nadquat and wll-contolld studis in pgnant womn. Bcaus animal poduction studis a not always pdictiv human spons, pnicillin should b usd duing pgnancy only i claly ndd.

Ampicillin is a pnicillin bta-lactam antibiotic usd in th tatmnt bactial inctions causd by suscptibl, usually gam-positiv, oganisms. Th nam “pnicillin” can ith tsval vaiants pnicillin availabl, tth goup antibiotics divd om th pnicillins. Ampicillin has in vitactivity against gam-positiv and gam-ngativ aobic and anaobic bactia. Th bacticidal activity Ampicillin sults om th inhibition cll wall synthsis and is mdiatd though Ampicillin binding tpnicillin binding potins (PBPs). Ampicillin is stabl against hydolysis by a vaity bta-lactamass, including pnicillinass, and cphalospoinass and xtndd spctum bta-lactamass.

Hmatologic sid cts hav aly includd thombocytopnia, thombocytopnic pupua, Hnoch Schonlin pupua, d cll aplasia, lukopnia, nutopnia, anmia, osinophilia and aganulocytosis. Ths actions a gnally vsibl and som may b allgic in natu. Polongations in activatd patial thomboplastin tim and blding tim, and platlt agggation abnomalitis hav alsbn potd. Lukopnia has bn potd in 23% patints with liv disas civing bta-lactam antibiotics.

Ampicillin-class antibiotics a xctd in milk. Ampicillin usd by nusing moths may lad tsnsitization inants; tho, a dcision should b mad whth tdiscontinu nusing tdiscontinu ampicillin, taking intaccount th impotanc th dug tth moth.

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