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Usidic Acid: Intaction studis with atovastatin and usidic acid hav not bn conductd. As with oth statins, muscl-latd vnts, including habdomyolysis, hav bn potd in post-makting xpinc with atovastatin and usidic acid givn concuntly. Th mchanism this intaction is not known. Patints should b closly monitod and tmpoay suspnsion ATOLIP CV tatmnt mayb appopiat.

Myopathy should b considd in any patint with dius myalgias, muscl tndnss waknss, and/makd lvation CPK. Patints should b advisd tpot pomptly unxplaind muscl pain, tndnss, waknss, paticulaly i accompanid by malais v i muscl signs and symptoms psist at discontinuing ATOLIP CV . ATOLIP CV thapy should b discontinud i makdly lvatd CPK lvls occu myopathy is diagnosd suspctd.

Ztimib: Th us ztimib alon is associatd with muscl-latd vnts, including habdomyolysis. Th isk ths vnts may, tho, b incasd with concomitant us ztimib and ATOLIP CV . Appopiat clinical monitoing ths patints is commndd.

Gapuit Juic: Contains on mcomponnts that inhibit CYP3A4 and can incas plasma concntations atovastatin, spcially with xcssiv gapuit juic consumption (>1.2 lits/day).

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