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Reviews of national policies for education are most prominent among a range of activities that lead to analyses of education policy development and implementation in response to or anticipation of wider economic and social trends and developments. There is involvement of Ministries as well as professional groups, researchers and others, in formulating and carrying out the work and in discussing the findings. The aim is to improve the understanding of issues, implications for education policies and experience with the range of national policy options and strategies..

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Campaign finance reform. No more pacs or super pacs, no more citizen united, no more corporate campaign donations. Everyone gets to personally donate to a cap of how ever many dollars, not a percentage of your income, a flat dollar rate. The fact that Woodman plays with the idea of the feminine by dressing in many suspender belts and too many stockings hanging above her shows that she wanted to jar the senses of the viewer. In the many belts she is trapped in the iconography of womanhood. Abigail Solomon Godeau writes in her essay “Just Like a Woman” that; “Woodman links the psychic objectification she deliberately and literally enacts (self becoming other) with specular objectification (human being becoming image) inherent in photographic representations.

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