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I not responsible for anyone but myself. I don pay your bail when you get arrested, I don buy your food or make you breakfast, and I don sing you lullabies so that you can sleep better at night. Your life is own you and mine is on me. I would say it was just a phase. A lot of young people seek out groups of people with similar beliefs to find a sense of belonging, and then often adopt a lot of beliefs just to fit in. I would say as people get older they form their own opinions and break out into more free thought.

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If you’re in the Information Technology field or a Linux guru, you’ll know what a bold move this is for Microsoft. If you aren’t, you could think of it like Google offering native apps on the iPhone. So why doesn’t Microsoft keep their systems closed off like they used to? One word: money..

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Hire a professional makeup artist, press a fake face cast on him. Dress him as a woman (he probably like that anyway), then just have him walk out of the embassy instead of that first woman. Get him to a car and drive him streight to an airport. He is survived by his beloved wife, Betsy (nee Richards); loving children, Joseph Guarducci (Donna ), Chris Guarducci (Barbara), Donna Nieglos (Steve ) and Katy Linton (Will ), and six cherished grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is also survived by his siblings, Carmine Guarducci, Anthony Guarducci, Sandra Long, and Gerald Guarducci. He was predeceased by his siblings, Sue Fornarotto, Ann Bolton, Renaldo Guarducci.

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