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Concrete Weight Coating

Concrete Weight Coating

Concrete Weight Coating Process Selection

Selmers provides plants for the application of concrete in various set-ups that are mostly determined by site conditions and the required operational speed. Possible plant configurations are for instance:

  • coating pipe by pipe where each pipe is put on buggies and passes along the applicator
  • coating pipe by pipe where the applicator passes along the pipe
  • continuous coating, where pipes pass the applicator in one endless string (high speed)

Plant set-up

Besides the required concrete mixing plant (usually batch type) a plant set-up generally includes the following typical equipment that all can be engineered, supplied and/or advised by Selmers:

  • pre & post weighing scales
  • anode application equipment
  • curing promotion facilities such as steam chambers, foil wraps, compound sprays, etc.
  • pipe handling buggies
  • pipe end finishing & touch-up equipment

Pipe Handling

Concrete weight coating plants typically involve many single pipe handling actions, making pipe logistic and important focus in these plants. Selmers is a specialist in proving lay out solutions that address efficient logistics in combination with flexibility and consideration of investment costs.

Selmers has developed innovative pipe handling systems for concrete coating plants such as multiple pipe indexers, push systems (hampel), pipe indexers, pipe carousel systems, transverse buggies and chain conveyors which reduce workforce and increase production efficiency.