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Information about Zyban.

If you are using bupropion to quit smokingstop taking bupropion and contact your doctor right away if you experience any of the symptoms listed aboveTell your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms after stopping treatment.

Treatment then continues at this dose for a period of up to nine weeksIf successfula prescriber may then choose to stop treatment or gradually reduce the dose after seven to nine weeks.

Although clinical data do not identify a pharmacokinetic interaction between bupropion and alcoholthere have been rare reports of adverse neuropsychiatric events or reduced alcohol tolerance in patients drinking alcohol during Zyban treatmentThe consumption of alcohol during Zyban treatment should be minimised or avoided.

A manic episoderacing thoughtsincreased energyreckless behaviorfeeling extremely happy or irritabletalking more than usualsevere problems with sleep;

Zyban may cause seizuresespecially if you have certain medical conditions or use certain drugsTell your doctor about all of your medical conditions and the drugs you use.

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