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Digital tools A number of New Educator of digital tools (2014).

Digital tools A number of New Educator of digital tools (2014). Printing at school A text to understand the importance of using C. Freinet printing school. Printing at school … … the results of the experiment (1926).

A text of C. Freinet on printing school. View more content on printing See more software Print
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Register on the list: contact the manager Management Send command: sympafreinet.fr (put “HELP” in the message header to receive the list of commands) Manage your account: https: // www. freinet.fr/sympa Contact the manager: liste_freinet-requestfreinet.fr Print
The ICEM-Freinet pedagogy federation itself the goals of educational research, pedagogical innovation and diffusion of the Freinet Pedagogy by organizing courses, through the design, development and testing of various materials, the publishing of printed, educational publications, books and audiovisual and computer products.

The federation ICEM offers through its local or national groups practical analysis meetings, training courses … departmental Groups enseigant local associations · e · s from kindergarten to university, exchange and analysis of practices. Regional Groups Federation departmental groups, organization of regional training courses. National Working Groups Called sites and areas, groups gathered around a production project or theme.

Rendezvous All meetings of departmental groups, regional and national training courses, training … Minutes The minutes of the departmental groups, regional and national (sites, areas and CA). Departmental Contacts Map of France departmental groups to make contact.

How to Join How to join: via an association affiliated to the ICEM federation. Mailing lists for information and discussion by email, by subscription, to discover the Freinet or to continue the work. Stances taken positions of the ICEM-Freinet pedagogy federation or groups composing it. Partners ICEM-Freinet pedagogy federation works with many partners.

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The Cooperative Institute Modern School (ICEM-Freinet Pedagogy) is an association created in 1947 by Freinet gathering around him a number of pioneers.

The association today approved by the Ministries of Education and Youth and Associative Life includes teachers, trainers and educators around the principles of Freinet pedagogy. See the basic texts, beginning with the Charter of the Modern School ICEM-Freinet itself the following objectives and work bases the educational research and innovation, the spread of Freinet Pedagogy by the organization of training courses through the design, development and testing of educational tools for the classroom, documentary magazines for children, young people and teachers and publishing educational publications.

It is an educational melting pot where people come to share, experiences, thoughts and productions by implementing cooperation between adults both in action as in theorizing its practices. It continues that the specificity of the Freinet pedagogy from the beginning: an educational choice closely with a social and political commitment. Freinet pedagogy is constantly, and dialectically, action, training and research.

It leads thousands of practitioners first and second degrees, higher education, training, exploring a variety of areas. . These practitioners, companions, researchers, innovators are found in departmental groups in educational research groups such as the arts and creations, mathematics, experimental trial and error, the French, the Rights of the Child, the kindergarten, the second degree, special education, teaching teams … It focuses on the life of the child, author of learning, constant and dynamic relationship with their groups (class, school, correspondence networks) . This approach is based on four pillars: the expression and communication, trial and error, the individual work and cooperative life.

This last area is the one that both organizes and structures the learning while developing critical thinking. The work of reflection and research published in education journals “The New Educator”, “Creations” and educational brochures to “Publishing ICEM” which both relate the practices that the reflections on the fundamentals of the Freinet pedagogy.

Several numbers as “The literature”, “The natural method of mathematics”, “Parents in School,” “The Freinet practices in kindergarten”, “Teaching children to explore the arts,” “The Board of children to school, “aimed at both teachers just starting, to those who want to reflect on their practice -or Transform-. These publications and find their place within the ESPE documentation centers.

ICEM-Freinet is a collective potential trainers present in the institutional training places (IUFMs Education Sciences) and national training provider (Federation autumn courses, regional and departmental courses) and meetings ( biennial Congress of learning shows …). Part of the ICEM (production sites) is particularly devoted to work on tools for the classroom: reading books, individualized work files self-correcting, teaching files disciplines, documentary reviews for children and adolescents from the Working library created by Freinet there are more than 70 years (JMAG, BTJ, BTn).

These tools are developed by collaborative teams of teachers and in constant interaction with classes for proposals, critical reading and re-reading, writing and rewriting, the students and their teacher. The ICEM is a member of CAPE (collectively the Partner Associations of Public School) and the Liaison Committee of educational movements and education (CLIMOPE) which brings also the AFL, the CEMEA, The teaching CRAP-Cahiers education & Become the FOEVEN the Francas the GFEN, the League of teaching and OCCE.

The ICEM is also affiliated with the FIMEM (International Federation of Modern School Movement) which groups the Freinet movements than fifty countries. It maintains close relations with many of them in Europe, Africa and Latin America (co-training, joint publications, international school correspondence …). See ICEM presentation brochure Print
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In a few publications or meetings … Featured! Stances taken positions of the ICEM-Freinet pedagogy federation or groups composing it.

Rendezvous All meetings of departmental groups, regional and national training courses, training … Newsletter The latest external newsletters. Latest releases All the latest releases, to classify journal, series or collection. Latest content on the site All pages recently created on the site Coop’ICEM.

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The work plan is an educational tool, usually in the form of a paper document, jointly developed by the teacher · E and the student, which allows it to plan its work.

The work plan allows students to gain autonomy and to identify in individual working times. He confronts desires, projects and student needs, leaving a trace of their learning journey. This tool makes sense in a cooperative classroom context. View more content on the worktop Video: A video work plan staff working in school Angel Guepin in Nantes in 2013. Work plans (2009) A compilation of work plans.

Work plans (1962) A text written by Freinet, Library of Modern School No. 15. Annual Work Plans (1953) A text written by Freinet, Education Brochure New People’s No. 78.

Work Plans (1948) A text written by Freinet, Education Brochure New People’s No. 40. View more content on the worktop Print
The trial and error may be available as a techno challenges: Tatex. The title of the challenge has been prepared in advance, usually by the teacher · e, and the list of authorized equipment.

This material is collected in the classroom before the presentation of the challenge.