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External Blasting & Coating

External Blasting & Coating

External Blasters

Available for pipes of ½” up to 120″, consisting of wear resistant housing with seal-off system for pipe entrance & exit, abrasive recycling system, dust separation system and strategically located blast turbines. Available in stand-alone execution or in dual blaster execution (for extra high capacities or cleanness requirements).

Depending on the diameter and required capacity, the machine can be configured for air blasting or mechanically driven turbine blasting.

External multi layer PE and/or PP coating

The two main types of coating application are side extrusion and cross-head extrusion. With side extrusion pipes rotate while top coating is wrapped around the pipe. By cross-head extrusion the pipe does not rotate and coating is ‘pulled’ as a sleeve around the pipe.

Due to the varying requirements of crosshead extrusion and side extrusion, both processes require different types of conveyors. Therefore Selmers has introduced an innovative coating conveyor that allows both side extrusion and cross-head extrusion to be carries out on the same coating line, enabling that the benefits of both coating systems can be integrated in to the same line.

Selmers has the experience and capability to manufacture such plants for virtually any capacity and pipe size and can be fitted with all thinkable add-ons such as:

  • internal dust removal equipment
  • extra surface treatment equipment (flush wash, acid wash, chromate wash)
  • mechanised pipe handling systems (pipe transfer cars, walking beams, pipe push conveyors, chain transporters)
  • pipe end cleaners
  • granules transport & heating system
  • pipe data collection and filing
  • automatic coating thickness measurement
  • water processing plant
  • QC laboratory

A unique capability of Selmers is that the extruders required for the multi-layer coating plants are fully designed and manufactured by ourselves and hence specially equipped for pipe coating applications, whereas ‘buy-out’ extruders would be more general purpose types not specifically designed for pipe coating. This own design of Selmers has been very successful and extruders ranging from 100 up to 2500 kg/h are nowadays in use on worldwide pipe coating plant locations.


Besides the supply of complete coating plants, Selmers also supplies separate parts of equipment for completion, modernization, capacity upgrading and automation, to new or existing multi-layer pipe blasting and coating plants such as:

  • Grit Blasters
  • Pre-heating and main-heating ovens
  • Epoxy coating systems
  • Extruders with granules drying systems
  • In-line coating thickness measurement
  • Pipe-end cleaning systems
  • Acid-was cleaning units
  • Holiday detection equipment
  • QC equipment
  • Automation or upgrading of plants
  • Utilities such as compressors, generators, power distribution, water treatment, etc.