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Field Joint Coating Equipment

Field Joint Coating Equipment

The offshore field joint coating equipment Selmers manufactures is used on pipe lay vessel (PLV). The operation can be both for S-lay and J-lay configurations, meaning that Selmers has equipment designs for horizontal and vertical operations respectively.

As the demands for joint coating quality and pipe lay speed are becoming more and more stringent, high attention shall be given to proper blasting, (heating) and the actual coating. Selmers has in her program quick clamp-on joint blasters that enclose the bare joint area and that can quickly blast-clean the joint surface, either by turbine blasting or by air blasting. These machines include blast grit recovery. The heating equipment, required after blasting for some coatings, can be provided as well.

The coating machines are also available as quick clamp-on devices and can be supplied either for the application of liquid coatings, for powder epoxies, powder adhesive and for spray top coats.

For field joint coating with polypropylene or polyurethane, Selmers can supply the IMPP injection extruder and accumulator or the polyurethane formulating equipment, together with the mould injector and the aggregate supply equipment.

For field joint coating with marine mastic, Selmers also offers the full range of required equipment such as crushers, kettle loaders, melt kettles, mastic transfer buckets and the bucket conveying system.

Spool base equipment

The spool base equipment Selmers design and manufacture consists of handling equipment for steel pipes, such as line-up stations, handling equipment for welding stations, chain conveyors, hempel racks, V-support rollers (fixed, liftable) indexers, walking beams, ready racks. Also the above mentioned horizontal clamp-on field joint blast, heat and coat devices are part of the spool base equipment program of Selmers.

Pipe handling equipment

The offshore pipe handling equipment supply capabilities of Selmers are wide and versatile. Selmers can provide the full deck handling equipment for standard pipe lay vessel (PLV) such as the V-type support rollers (fixed, liftable or pivot), firing line rollers, line-up stations and transverse conveyors. But also for more complex pipe handling Selmers provides solutions such as pipe elevators (single- or multi joint), hoisting equipment, adjustable launch tables for work tools, walking beams, indexers etc.

All the equipment solutions come with the full electric and hydraulic control, either hooked-up to the existing infra-structure on the barge or supplied as standalone controls.

Designs and work can be made in full accordance with specific marine standards and/or requirements of certifying authorities.