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Employers do not have to match the Federal tax, but must on Social Security and Medicare Tax. So, the total deposit would be the $12 withheld for Federal tax (no employer match) and for SS tax $22.32 x 2 = $44.64, and finally Medicare tax withheld and match $5.22 x 2 = $10.44. Total deposit for this paycheck will be:SS $44.64Total $67.08.

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John barely heard the words if he was being honest as his eyes pulled away from the cane to man in front of him to those two piercing blue eyes that seemed to look right through you and judged you exactly for who you were. There was that strong jawline and crooked smile, even if it had a layer of confusion over it as he went though asking politely about the current situation. There was even a little knick in his eyebrow from a fight with Helmut the night after their first passionate love making scene.

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For that reason, it is good if you have a general idea about areas in which you like to specialize. Not all graduate schools are created equal, and the faculty at different schools will have different areas of focus. Here are some sample specialization areas:History and TheoryIn addition to the standard requirements for application to graduate school, students applying to architecture grad school will also want to submit a portfolio of their best work.

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