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Information about Artane.

This is not a complt list possibl sid cts. I you notic oth cts not listd abov, contact you doctphamacist.

An allgic action (diiculty bathing; closing th thoat; swlling th lips, tongu, ac; hivs); v; ast igula hatbats; anxity, hallucinations, conusion, agitation, hypactivity, loss consciousnss; sizus; y pain; a ash.

You may qui a dosag adjustmnt spcial monitoing duing tatmnt i you hav any th conditions listd abov.

I you a using th liquid om this mdication, masu you dos with a spcial masuing spoon dvic. Dnot us a houshold spoon bcaus it may not povid th coct dos.

I you a taking this mdication sid cts om anoth mdication, you doctmay instuct you ttak it on a gula schdul only as ndd. I you a taking this mdication Pakinson’s disas, you doctmay chang th dos you oth mdications (.g., lvodopa). ollow you docto’s instuctions closly.

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