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How much inderal for anxiety

If you take too much inderal la call your doctor or poison control center right away.

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Information about Inderal.

Propranolol can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing babyTell your doctor if youare breast-feeding a baby.

You should not use Inderal if you have asthmavery slow heart beatsor a serious heart condition such assick sinus syndromeorAV blockunless you have a pacemaker

Before taking propranololtell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to itor if you have had a serious reaction to other beta blockerse.gmetoprololor if you have any other allergiesThis product may contain inactive ingredientswhich can cause allergic reactions or other problemsTalk to your pharmacist for more details.

Currentlya number of companies make generic propranololA long-acting form for once-a-day dosing has also been approved.

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