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I since got a husky/ border collie mix and I love her to pieces

Exactly, I think that she the only survivor who regained most of her brain function but that a few other people have “survived” the procedure but remain as vegetables. I do recall reading an article about how there are some people in SA that seem to have rabies antibodies and they have been trying to figure out how that happened. Some of the theories were that it was a kind of cowpox/smallpox deal or that an animal that wasn in the final stages of infection had bitten them and their body was able to fight off the much lower virus concentration..

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Depending on how the purchase and sale agreement is written up, failure to perform on a contingency clause may result in the buyer forfeiting their deposit. When it is determined how long should seller give buyer with home contingencies, it is important to understand what notices must be presented to the buyer and whether or not failure to perform puts their deposit in jeopardy. In most cases, a failure to perform clause would allow the buyer to obtain their deposit back from the seller, however, the seller would have to start the home sale procedure again.

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