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If I do someone a favor, I apologize

We have virtual spaces and telecommuting, and it isn like having a fixed office space is something n that is necessarily required in the real world any more. Heck, make the house completely virtual and you not limited by physical space at all, and let congress people stay in their districts full time (no need to travel to DC). As a bonus, it unbreaks the electoral college and makes city votes and rural votes much more equal..

That backstop solution means that a single EU UK customs territory will be established, which will apply from the end of the transition period until such a time as a subsequent agreement becomes applicable. Northern Ireland will therefore remain part of the same customs territory as the rest of the UK. The single customs territory covers all goods with the exception of fishery and aquaculture products..

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Kyle can’t say “I love Masai and what he’s done for the city and team” when he’s one of Demars best friends. He has stated in the past(as recently as this season) that he’s thankful for Masai giving him the opportunity and he respects Masai for what he’s brought to Toronto. But at the end of that day, the Demar trade hurt Demar and thus it hurt Kyle.

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