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Herbal preparations containing StJohn’s Wort and Viramune must not be co-administeredsee section 4.3If a patient is already taking StJohn’s Wort check nevirapine and if possible viral levels and stop StJohn’s WortNevirapine levels may increase on stopping StJohn’s WortThe dose of Viramune may need adjustingThe inducing effect may persist for at least 2 weeks after cessation of treatment with StJohn’s Wort.

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The absorption of nevirapine is not affected by foodantacids or medicinal products which are formulated with an alkaline buffering agent.

The tablets shall be taken with liquidand should not be crushed or chewedViramune may be taken with or without food.

Oral hormonal contraceptives should not be used as the sole method of contraception in women taking Viramunesee section 4.4Appropriate doses for hormonal contraceptivesoral or other forms of applicationother than DMPA in combination with Viramune have not been established with respect to safety and efficacy.

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