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Use imuran azathioprine tablets as ordered by your doctor.

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Information about Imuran.

The principal and potentially serious toxic effects of IMURAN are hematologic and gastrointestinalThe risks of secondary infection and malignancy are also significantsee WARNINGSThe frequency and severity of adverse reactions depend on the dose and duration of IMURAN as well as on the patient’s underlying disease or concomitant therapiesThe incidence of hematologic toxicities and neoplasia encountered in groups of renal homograft recipients is significantly higher than that in studies employing IMURAN for rheumatoid arthritisThe relative incidences in clinical studies are summarized below:

Patients receiving immunosuppressantsincluding IMURANare at increased risk of developing lymphoma and other malignanciesparticularly of the skinPhysicians should inform patients of the risk of malignancy with IMURANAs usual for patients with increased risk for skin cancerexposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light should be limited by wearing protective clothing and using a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Particular care should be taken to monitor haematological response and to reduce the maintenance dosage to the minimum required for clinical response.

Stop using azathioprine and call your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms of lymphoma

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