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Mmb, kp this and all oth mdicins out th ach childn, nv sha you mdicins with oths, and us this mdication only th indication pscibd.

Dnot us this mdication i you hav any th ollowing conditions: a histoy stok blood clot, ciculation poblms, bast canc, abnomal vaginal blding, liv disas, i you hav cntly had an incomplt miscaiag abotion.

Tll you doctight away i any ths sious sid cts occu: changs in vaginal blding (.g., spotting, bakthough blding, changs in mnstual low, nmnstual blding), chang in vaginal dischag, dpssion, swlling th hands/t, qunt/buning/painul uination, yllowing ys/skin, dak patchs on th skin ac (mlasma).

Ndomtiosis is a common gyncological condition. Tak this quiz tlan what happns whn a woman has ndomtiosis as wll as.

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