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Perfectionism, anxiety, rigidity, detailed focus, risk

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Fake Handbags There are a dozen around Jodhpur alone.Fleeing to safety, they are dismayed to find mistrust. The wait for long term visas, identity documents, and jobs for the 5,000 people in the Aanganwa camp is endless.”These people have ended up neither belonging to Pakistan nor to India,” said Hindu Singh Sodha, founder, UJAS.Under the United Nations Human Rights Commission’s 1951 Refugee Convention, an individual with a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, or nationality is deemed a refugee.”Pakistani Hindus best replica bags online fleeing to India meet this criterion, but India is not a signatory to this convention or to its 1967 protocol which stipulates the rights and services that the host country must provide refugees,” said Sodha.Although India offers assistance to asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan (albeit on a somewhat ad hoc basis), the same option is not extended to those from Pakistan.A Pakistani Hindu immigrant who has been lobbying on this issue since 1999, Sodha is weary of hearing the same prejudice voiced by government officials and members of the public alike: What if some of them turn out to be members of Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI?”To this, I reply that to date, there is no official record of any Pakistani immigrant being arrested as a spy. All these people want is a secure home where they can live and earn in peace,” he said.The stories of the people in the spotless Aanganwa camp illustrate the shortcomings of India’s policies towards immigrants and refugees.Amir Khan (his family gave him a Muslim name in the hope that he would be less conspicuous) came to India from Sindh in Pakistan two years ago on a 15 day pilgrim visa.His long term visa has not come through and he has been in limbo at Aanganwa. Fake Handbags

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