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Olanzapine tablets should be stored in its original pack in order to protect from light and moisture.

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Apomorphine bromocriptine cabergoline dopamine fluvoxamine levodopa lisuride mefloquine methyldopa ondansetron pefloxacin pramipexole ropinirole sodium oxybate umeclidinium bromide/vilanterol inhaled vilanterol/fluticasone furoate inhaled.

Irreversibleinvoluntarydyskinetic movements may develop with antipsychotic drugsprevalence appears to be highest among elderly individualsespecially elderly womendiscontinue if clinically appropriate.

Olanzapine enters breast milkit is not recommended for use while breastfeeding.

Because clinical trials are conducted under widely varying conditionsadverse reaction rates observed in the clinical trials of a drug cannot be directly compared to rates in the clinical trials of another drug and may not reflect or predict the rates observed in practice.

The starting dose and dose range need not be routinely altered for non-smokers relative to smokersThe metabolism of olanzapine may be induced by smokingClinical monitoring is recommended and an increase of olanzapine dose may be considered if necessarysee section 4.5

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2011 a role for hypothalamic amp-activated protein kinase in the mediation of hyperphagia and weight gain induced by chronic treatment with olanzapine in female rats.

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