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Ocean Technical Systems (OTS)


Ocean Technical Systems Ltd. (OTS) has been supplying monitoring systems for use on offshore vessels and SPM buoys for over thirty years and to date have supplied in excess of 150 installations world wide. Its OSPREY Tanker Berthing system provides the mooring master with precise information on the incoming tanker’s speed, distance and bearing to ensure a safe berthing operation. OTS also developed its patented OMEGA DGPS Mooring failure system, which utilises radio telemetry and has an extensive FPSO field proven track record. Other typical installations include SCADA, DCS control system and Emergency Shut-Down (ESD).


Emstec GmbH & Co. KG

Germany / China

Emstec provide a range of high quality, high performance, oil suction and discharge hoses, extensively used at offshore moorings throughout the world, which fully comply with the requirements of OCIMF. Our range of loading and discharge hoses are available with rated working pressures of 15 BAR, 19 BAR and 21 BAR or higher for special applications or specific client requirements. The Emstec single carcass and double carcass hose range includes hose construction for floating, submarine and catenary applications, utilized in offloading installations worldwide EPS, MBM, SBM, CALM, SALM and Tandem Offloading.



Sanmar Chain International (SCI)

www.sci-chain.com Australia /China /Norway /UK /USA

Sanmar Chain International Pte Ltd (SCI) specialises in the supply of high quality chain, accessories and services for offshore projects. SCI supplies stud link and studless mooring chains in all offshore grades: R3, R3S, R4, R4S, R5 and API ORQ, complimented by high integrity LTM D shackles and offshore connectors, enabling SCI to provide a completely integrated mooring system for CALM buoys, FPSOs, MODUs and other offshore applications.


Offspring International Ltd (OIL)

www.offspringinternational.com UK / USA / Nederland / Portugal

Offspring International Limited (OIL) is a leading supplier of single point and deepwater mooring systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. Exclusive worldwide agent for Lankhorst Ropes Offshore Division, our factory in Portugal has the world’s largest SPM, MODU and Deepwater rope dedicated rigging shop, reflecting the need for longer ropes in deepwater mooring and increased focus on bespoke SPM mooring ropes. We manufacture in Double Braid, Circular Braided (Gama 98®) and conventional eight strand constructions in strict accordance with the OCIMF 2000 Guidelines.