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Selmers B.V

The Netherlands

Selmers, located in The Netherlands, is a well-known supplier of plants and equipment for internal and external pipe cleaning, pipe coating and pipe handling.

With more than 45 years of experience, Selmers is an internationally leading supplier working for the pipe manufacturing, pipe coating and the onshore & offshore pipeline construction industry.

Concrete Weight Coating

Selmers provides plants for the application of concrete in various set-ups that are mostly determined by site conditions and the required operational speed. Possible plant configurations are for instance:

External Blasting & Coating

Available for pipes of ½” up to 120″, consisting of wear resistant housing with seal-off system for pipe entrance & exit, abrasive recycling system, dust separation system and strategically located blast turbines. Available in stand-alone execution or in dual blaster execution (for extra high capacities or cleanness requirements).

Depending on the diameter and required capacity, the machine can be configured for air blasting or mechanically driven turbine blasting.

Internal Blasting & Lining

The internal pipe blasters are available for pipes of 2″ up to 120″ and, in a special execution, for pipes down to ½”. Operation either by compressed air (for all diameters) or mechanical driven turbine (not for the smallest diameters).

Compressed air blasting system can handle up to 6 pipes simultaneously. The mechanical turbine blaster comes with easily exchangeable blast booms for the different range of diameters and extra high capacities. All blasting stations are fitted with pipe front-end and rear-end enclosure cabins, abrasive reclaim system, dust separation, internal pipe support for the blast boom(s) and drive cars to insert the boom into the pipe vice versa.

Field Joint Coating Equipment

The offshore field joint coating equipment Selmers manufactures is used on pipe lay vessel (PLV). The operation can be both for S-lay and J-lay configurations, meaning that Selmers has equipment designs for horizontal and vertical operations respectively. As the demands for joint coating quality and pipe lay speed are becoming more and more stringent, high attention shall be given to…