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Headachethis usually gets better as treatmentIncreased number of colds have been reported in patients with asthma.

RespiratoryChest congestionENT infectionepistaxislaryngitislower respiratory signs and symptomshemorrhagenasal signs and symptomsirritationrhinitisrhinorrheasneezing.

You may see granulomatous growth in the nasal cavity or immediately around the nosethese are small swellings that are made up of immune cellsThe disease may also be symptomized by nose bleeds in a lot of peopleA feeling of obstruction may be common in the people that develop RhinoscleromaThere may be instances where patients may also suffer from loss of sense of smellThe soft palate that is present at the back of the roof of the mouth hardens in a number of patients who suffer from RhinoscleromaSome patients also complain of developing a hoarse voice as a result of the infection.

5Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teethClose your lips around itDo not bite.

My daughter is taking one dose at night seroflo rotacaps from last 5 years she is thirteen now Please suggest how to get rid of this medicine as now she has started with its side effects like irritating throat even her voice also has been changed drastically.

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