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Salaries can only rise if the production rises

Makes me wonder what level of consciousness cows have. Are they truly suffering and cognizant of it, or are we just anthropomorohizing their reality? Genuine question, as a meat eater considering the ethics of continuing in my ways. How can you even have thoughts if you don know a language in which those thoughts can come into fruition.

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I had a plan figured out. I would finish my shift at work, then go home and do the deed. About 2 hours before I could close up (I was working at a gas station in the middle of nowhere on a route seldom traveled by non locals) a van with two couples stopped in Cheap Jerseys from china, got some drinks and snacks, filled up their tank, then took off..

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Last but certainly not least in the set of articles about organization is your general folder organization. This one isn so much for the computer itself as it is for you, but it is remarkably helpful. Simple tips on making sure your music gets into the music folder, documents go where they should, and everything else stays in quick access so you never miss a step..

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