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If a judge declares the will valid, assets are distributed according to the deceased’s wishes. If it’s considered invalid, the court will hear claims and oversee distribution of assets. If that value exceeds $5.49 million, Uncle Sam also wants an estate tax.

I am not a nurse but I work with patients in the surgical care unit at a hospital. The amount of times we have had to cancel surgeries or would have had to cancel surgeries because people don’t listen to prep instructions is insane. The hospital goes over these details extensively multiple times and in multiple formats before they come in on their surgery day, which include instructions for eating and drinking.

I read your comment a few times and I genuinely am on the fence if you could have written that and come of as anymore condescending. You really skirted the line of being a complete tool and just an ignorant asshole so I pretty impressed. It definitely makes sense that you could get published with such a nuanced writing skill like this..

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Of course he came up during a period of proto black metal so many acts were styling themselves this way, so maybe it really was just Sharon seeing a trend to jump on. The whole satanism thing was always just a cover for rebellion anyway. I have never, ever met an old hard rocker who is “into” the devil, even the ones with big pentagram tats and bat wings.

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