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This list is not complt and th may b oth dugs that can intact with albndazol. Tll you doctabout all th psciption and ov-th-count mdications you us. This includs vitamins, minals, hbal poducts, and dugs pscibd by oth doctos. Dnot stat using a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

In gnotoxicity tsts, albndazol was ound ngativ in an Ams Salmonlla/Micosom Plat mutation assay, Chins Hamst Ovay chomosomal abation tst, and in vivmous miconuclus tst. In th in vitBALB/3T3 clls tansomation assay, albndazol poducd wak activity in th psnc mtabolic activation whil nactivity was ound in th absnc mtabolic activation.

Avoid ating gapuit dinking gapuit juic whil using this mdication unlss you doctphamacist says you may dssaly. Gapuit can incas th chanc sid cts with this mdicin. Ask you doctphamacist mdtails.

This mdication may caus liv poblms. Bcaus dinking alcohol incass th isk liv poblms, limit alcoholic bvags whil using this mdication. Chck with you doctphamacist minomation.

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