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‘The tributes came as Swedish police announced that the Somali

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KnockOff Handbags Alexandra Mezher, 22, was working on a night shift alone with ten teenagers when she was attacked at the home for unaccompanied young refugees in Mlndal, near Gothenburg. She later died of her injuries in hospital.Details of the 15 year old boy being held by murder detectives come as Miss Mezher’s family blamed Sweden’s migration crisis for her death.Chimne Mezher, 42, today told how she had lost her ‘angel’, as a cousin said: ‘It is the Swedish politicians’ replica goyard bags fault that she is dead.’Sweden replica bags korea is one of the main destinations for refugees replica bags from china free shipping and migrants entering the EU and police warn they cannot cope with the tide of migrant related crime.Paying tribute to her ‘angel’, her mother wept: ‘She was my air, she was my everything, why her?”She was a just and fair human being. My mate,’Mrs Mezher said.Miss Mezher’s best friend of eight years Lejla Filipovic, 22, also paid tribute to the young social worker today, saying the pair were like sisters.’She was so goodhearted, she wanted to do so much in life,’ she saidadding that she had sometimes worried that Miss Mezher was putting https://www.bagsreplicc.com herself at risk.’I know that some of the kids aren’t in a good place right now, because they came without their parents, so sometimes I was worried, but I knew that she had good co workers.’The tributes came as Swedish police announced that the Somali boy accused of murdering Miss Mezher will stand trial as an adult.The teenager remains in custody, an unusual step as youngsters are normally sent to a secure children’s home following replica bags in dubai arrest.However, police told MailOnline they had made the decision to keep the teenager behind bars due to the serious nature of the crime and the public outrage follow the brutal knife killing Miss Mezher.ALLEGED TEENAGE KILLER TO BE TRIED AS AN ADULT, SAY POLICEThe teenage migrant accused of murdering a young Swedish social worker at a refugee centre will stand trial as an adult, MailOnline has learnt.Youngsters are normally sent to a secure children’s home following arrest, but the teenager is being held behind bars due to public outrage follow the brutal knife killing of Alexandra Mezher.And he will be held in an adult prison until he goes on trial.’A person is criminally responsible when they reach 15 years old in Sweden,’ a Gothanburg Police spokesman told MailOnline.’The boy is being held at the police station.’But it is very unusual that children to be kept in custody by the police.’However the public prosecutor has deemed this as a replica bags hermes special case due to the nature of the crime and will ask for the boy to be replica chanel bags ebay held in prison until he goes to trial.’The spokesman added: ‘He is not known by the police and has not been arrested before.’But there is always a variable of uncertainty about these kids identity.’We dont know anything about the boy family KnockOff Handbags.

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