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This policy is designed to create a more collegial atmosphere

Thanks for doing this, guys! I been listening to TTT for days, and Life Party is the grooviest fuckin thing I ever heard.I listened to the album for the first time when I was in the shower. Imagine for a moment that you just finished shaving everything below the neck, and you covered in coconut oil like some kind of fat slippery slug. Suddenly, the most jammin song you ever heard comes on and you have to know the name immediately.

Citizendium is not an experts only project; anyone who is willing to contribute under their real wholesale jerseys, verified name and maintain a minimal biography is allowed to edit articles. This policy is designed to create a more collegial atmosphere. Although joining Citizendium is therefore not an instantaneous process, through this policy, the site benefits from very little disruptive editing (“vandalism”), which is more common on open wiki projects such as Wikipedia.

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